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This bundle includes "Everyone is Dark" on vinyl and the official tee. Turquoise ink on soft black tee.


New Canyons: Everyone Is Dark - Album Review –Violent Success

New Canyons: Everyone is Dark — The Chicago music scene these days seems to be comprised mainly of DJ’s, the occasional promising punk band, Chance The Rapper, and more DJ’s. Obviously that is a pretty big overstatement, but it gives you the picture that New Canyon’s brand of synth-pop isn’t the most common in their hometown. That might change, though, once people get their hands on New Canyon’s impressive new album Everyone Is Dark.

The duo lays their influences clearly out on the table; Andrew Marrah and Adam Stilson put milage on My Bloody Valentine’s atmospherics, New Order’s synth patches, and Morrissey’s ache. Though, New Canyon’s aren’t just using the sounds of these post-punk hall of famers for cool points, nor are they shamelessly ripping them off. Everyone Is Dark is a record about nostalgia, and these sounds of the past are used as a key to our emotional vault. Its about time someone in Chicago drew from the film soundtracks of former resident John Hughes to help pack a sentimental punch.

Once the lead synth line storms in on the opening track ‘End Colors’ you are immediately locked in. The beat become more towering as the song progresses, while Stilson’s voice tries to break free from a cage of reverb. The song ends abruptly and gives way to the dreamy ‘Pitch Black.’ The track shows that the hours they spent listening to Loveless were as educational as they were enjoyable. Gentle arpeggiated synths fill in the spaces surrounding the layers of emotive guitar work. As with most of the record, the production quality on the song has just the right blend of lo-fi immediacy and hi-fi warmth.

Many of lyrics express a yearning to return to a more fervent state, before everyone became dark. Like on the albums centerpiece, ‘Made For Rockets’, Stilson belts “I used to feel in love with you” in his best Ian McCulloch impression, over anthemic post-punk guitars and cinematic keyboard lines. The album closes with the previously released and newly remastered ‘Life Support’. As the title suggests it is the records most life affirming moment. The delay guitars and powerhouse vocal performance threatens to reach U2‘s level of grandiosity, but luckily the track ends before it has the chance to overdose on its own bombast.

The duo aren’t quite on the level of artists such as Bat For Lashes or M83, who were able to form entirely original voices from the sounds of 80's new-wave pioneers. New Canyons may have set themselves apart in Chicago’s scene, but to make a splash in independent music as a whole they will have to leave some of the comfort of their influences behind and find their own footing. They won’t have to much to worry about, though. If Everyone Is Dark is any indication, it isn’t a matter of if they will hit their mark but when…8.6/10

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