Paul Cherry- "Flavour" LP (FT-69)

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Dig deep enough into Paul Cherry’s debut album Flavour, past the breezy yacht rock melodies, the jazzy flourishes, and the solo-era Paul McCartney eccentricities, and it’s clear the Chicago pop whiz spends a lot of time on his phone. Though he’s not totally a hyper-online social media addict, the LP’s 10 songs often deal with the headaches and heartbreaks that come with how we fail to communicate through texts and tweets. Take the telephone ringing that opens the album, the voicemail skits, or the lead single “Like Yesterday,” on which the 26-year-old musician sings, “Looking through my phone / Messages that I know I shouldn't send / Already sent.” Where the album’s charms are obvious in Cherry’s charismatic vocal deliveries and his ear for decadently silky ‘70s-inspired arrangements, it’s his anxiety that gives Flavour its heart.

Release Date: March 31, 2018
Feeltrip Records

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